*Just Live YOUR life*

A special thanks to my sister and Best Selling Author Christine Pembleton , Celeste Forrest, Kimberly Talley and Vanessa Dicks, for inspiring me and showing me that life is truly what YOU make it!
About 3 months ago I created a list of things I wanted to DO, people I wanted to SEE, and places I wanted to VISIT!  I included the emotions that would result in  attaining my 5-year goals both financially and in my career, as well as how it would positively impact the lives of those around me!  That list looked amazing, but slowly, with each passing day, that list became just that–a list–collecting dust and being forgotten. Something was getting in the way.

The truth is, that something was ME!!!

My own personal hang ups on trying to wait for the “perfect” time to seize the moment and the “perfect” person to bring onboard were such huge hindrances in my life! I was doing all of this talking about how I wanted to do and see XYZ, but I didn’t put much into motion because I thought the “time” wasn’t right! But now, in my most open and honest moments with myself and God I’ve come to realize that I have no excuse to stay where I am! I have no children, I’m not married (yet), and I don’t have any real holds on my life to keep me from accelerating in ALL of my greatness!

So I’ve officially decided to make the MOVES and go forth…taking action and living my life to the fullest EVERY SINGLE DAY!

What about you?

There is no better time than the present!  If you want to do xyz… Just do it, regardless of whether you have a “partner in crime”! No more waiting around for the “perfect” moment… and most certainly no more waiting for the “perfect” person to join in. No two schedules are perfectly synchronized!  If you have to go forth alone for a season, then so be it! Too much time has been and will continue to be wasted if you don’t rid yourself of those bad waiting habits!

Take a deep introspective look into your life and access accordingly! Don’t let the words on the page be just that…words… but let it encourage you, stretch you and push you to be the epitome of greatness!  Don’t  perpetuate the norms in life!  There’s so much more to this thing than the job you work, the city in which you live, and sorry to say it…but the people with whom you most often surround yourself. JUST live YOUR life!! don’t wait for people to approve; set your own agenda! Your life is just that… YOURS… and it would be a shame to let it go to waste!

 You are young, you are Fabulous; BUT your life will only be as great as YOU allow!!


Keep it stylish,


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