CAUTION! The Power Trip ::Watch Your Step::

The other day at work, I embarked on a semi swim floor move (In my Plus sized dept).  I assessed the area to come up with the best solution on how to rearrange the fixtures, and wasn’t quite sure of where to start. In mid thought, one of my (head strong) employees who has been their for years, came over to try to give me a few words of advice on how “we” can set things up. (Who did she think she was to try to give “me” advice… I’m the manager…smh). I quickly retorted (negatively) with “Oh, don’t worry about this, you go over there and do what I asked you”. 

She wasn’t very enthused with this answer, but she obliged and walked away.  I’m sure she reserved a few choice words (SALTS)!

About an hour later, she came back to ask me a question for one of her customers. After I answered her question, she politely slipped in another 3 sentences regarding the swim move that clearly wasn’t going that well! I acted as if i didn’t hear her, and returned to what I was doing….

A few moments later, it dawned on me that she was absolutely right (I cringed that she was right)! I took her advice, and with in 15 mins everything came together! The truth is that I needed her years of swim expertise. I was half near frustrated with in the first 20 mins, and here I was a whole 2 hours later and just taking the help that was offered from the beginning.  I’ll admit it… I was in my “I’m the manager, so I’m in control mode” which quite frankly turned out to cause more frustration than satisfaction. 

From this simple situation, I learned that there is nothing wrong with owning your authority… but don’t let that trip u up into thinking that you can’t ask your “subordinates” for assistance (which I’m usually really good at…)! In my field of work, having only been an Executive for 2 years now, many of my “subordinates” have so much knowledge about the departments I manage…and it is totally unwise of me to discredit their advice (which definitely has a time and a place)

One day soon, I plan to be CEO and Founder of Company X, and hire a competent and experienced staff of men and women who will help me carry out my vision! So it behooves me to continue to fully  embrace the strengths of others (regardless of what position the hold) :-) (Repeat)

Life is about learning, growing, pursuing, achieving, loving, living, having a blast, enjoying each moment… all while  looking and feeling amazing


Keep it stylish,

StylReesta xoxo

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