“My two cents” (Tell ’em why you mad son)

“No one asked for your two cents” is an old saying that is usually retorted after some gives their un-solicited opinion about a situation.  In the situation described below,I didn’t give it, no one asked for it, and it most certainly shouldn’t have been taken without my permission!


Location: Coffee Shop D; Cherry Hill, NJ

Time of Day: Approx 8:54am

One early morning before work, I decided to treat myself to an Iced Coffee from _________(aka Coffee Shop D) . Since I enjoy a small french vanilla so often, I know that it costs exactly $2.13, and I usually have exact change.  BUT on this particular morning I only had a $20 bill, a dime and a nickel.

I pulled up to the Coffee Shop D and with my shades in place, I proceeded through the doors like a VIP! As per usual I was greeted  by all the workers and the manager, who all know me by drink. Many times they would begin to make my cold tasty treat as soon as they saw me approaching the counter! (It’s my life)

After gracing the invisible red carpet, and finally hushing the crowd, I was given the total cost ($2.13), and I handed the cashier $20.15! The lady only handed me $18 change, and walked away to begin making my drink….What’s the problem you ask?  Where was my $0.02??!?!

MY mind was racing, and I couldn’t help but wonder why she would think it was okay to keep the rest of my change. Now granted, I usually throw my jingle into the tip jar, but that’s of my own volition! This time this women kept it, and it offended me that she thought it was ok!

So my mathematician-like thinking kicked in and  I started to calculate:

If Coffee Shop D services X amount of customers on an average day….and Coffee Shop D *wrongfully* keeps $0.02- $0.04  from every customer->>>>> they are “stealing” a lot “$0.02″s (two cents)…

 (end Proof)

To some $0.02 is no big deal, and I would agree; not having two additional pennies to jingle around in the front seat cup holder is a non-issue!  But it’s the principle of the matter…and in that regard I felt robbed, hoodwinked, bamboozled!

After 2 whole minutes of intense brain activity, I  tried to decide if I wanted to say something about the matter. Should I ask for my $0.02 back?! I decided not to say a word,  grabbed my drink and made my way to work! But I thought of a very clever way to get my “two cents” back! (hehehe)

My resolve…

Next time I walk into this glorious Coffee Shop D –after all the bells have been rung, and whistle blown– I will wait for the total to be quoted! Once given, I will pull out $20.11… and with not so many words, my look of “don’t-you-dare-ask-me-for-two-cents-because-you’ve-stolen-from-me-before” will guarantee that I receive my full $18.00 in change… and not a penny(or two) less! (LOL)


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