*Relentless Discovery*

In this life we all have purpose; amazing right? Knowing that we are here for a specific reason is so inspiring! However, discovering that purpose and honing in on the talents that will bring us to that expected place of GREATNESS isn’t always so simple.  I’ve been away for the past month doing just that, and I’ve had great success!

I think there comes a time in every driven person’s life where you need to  step back and take a serious look at how you want to shape your future. Not just in what program you want to study in school, or how many children you want to have, or even how much money you wish to make/save/invest; but more so taking an in-depth look at who you really are, what talents you possess, and how to best utilize that as your life pleasantly progresses!

So ask yourself “Who am I”? Think about what makes you tick. Don’t hold back; go all the way in, and be very honest with yourself! There is nothing worse than trying to hide the truth. If you are an overly bubbly person (like myself), then own up to it and don’t apologize for being who you are. There is a reason for that wonderful burst of energy you bring into a room, and you need not feel ashamed. If you are a more calm, cool, collected individual who prefers to sit back and observe, then own it with a vengence…that trait is of value just the same.

So here’s the real challenge…discovering what you do well? What do you love to do? What gives you a sense of accomplishment; fulfillment; intense satisfaction? No, seriously… think about it!! Do you have strong oral and written communication skills? Are you an excellent computer technician? Do you give exceptional advice, that when taken people see result and life improvement? Are you a good listener? Are you a great leader, able to build a strong rapport amongst those who work for you and lead them fearlessly? Are you good with your hands; whether with a sewing machine, carpentry, or a camera? Are you always praised for having great ideas? The list goes on and on!

The point is to be relentless in discovery. Feel free to be who you are created to be; perfecting your skills and talents and finding a way to do more of that things that bring you the most fulfillment!!! Don’t hide yourself, or buckle in shame in the face of other personalities; but allow your amazing self to live freely!

In the words of a good friend of mine…


Trust me, it will be the most liberating thing you will ever do! 

Keep it stylish,

Stylreesta xoxo

3 thoughts on “*Relentless Discovery*

  1. Love it! I will be taking this advice and seeking out my purpose very intently. Time is precious and there’s no need to waste it being someone else.

  2. The 14th way I will be wishing you a Happy birthday is through a post on your blog:

    Theresa, You are so insightful and have a great sense of Who you are and what you represent. Everyday is a learning experience, which causes you to possess the confidence to stand up for yourself, express your views, be a strong leader, and set an example all while maintaining your sexy! You, beautiful black woman, you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY stylReesta!

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