“Here to Inspire”

The other day at work I stopped to chit-chat with one of the ladies who works across the way! She and I  discussed hair, fashion, and other “girly” things! I love talking about that kind of stuff, but the conversation became all too real when she asked about my blog! I was totally caught off guard, in a good way! I’ve mentioned my blog to her once before, but I had no idea that she ever paid that much attention to even remember! It was so refreshing! She went on to tell me that I inspire her!   Again, pleasantly caught off guard! I humbly thanked her for her support and kind words, and as I walked away something clicked! It was almost as if another piece of my life’s purpose had fallen into place, with the words  “Here to Inspire” written on it!  

I am not perfect, nor will I ever be!  I am flawed, fallible, and sometimes have a “spicy” attitude (that’s what my boyfriend tells me, hehe)! However, I now understand that I  must continue to do my best to uphold a standard of excellence with what I say and more importantly with what I do; being genuine and true to myself every step of the way!  

So I ask you,  do you operate with class, and excellence? Or do you cut corners and tear others down to get ahead?  If someone were to see how you operate would they be inspired, or would they look away in shame?  Assess your life. You decide! Remember,  someone is always watching! Why not give them something that energizes and encourages them along their journey?!


Keep it stylishly inspiring,

-StylReesta xo

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