Burritos and Baccarat; Create your moment!

The other night my husband picked up burritos from California Tortilla for dinner! YUM!  He gave me a call to tell me he was on his way, so I began to prepare our informal dinner setting on the coffee table in the living room; place mats, coasters, silverware… the whole shebang! I marched to the kitchen to grab two plates from the cabinet, and happened to notice a gift box in the corner of our dining room. It was a wedding gift I had slightly forgotten about for the last two months.

See, what had happened was…

My husband and I received a lovely set of 4 Baccarat Diamant Champagne flutes as a wedding gift! They are simply gorgeous, and I vowed (to myself) to keep them safe until we moved into our own home and could enjoy using them in the most fitting of settings; New Year’s Eve in front of the fire place, our wedding anniversary celebration…etc.


Then it hit me…

Why should I wait? It was a gift given to us to enjoy together. And aren’t we together (ALL THE TIME)? Burrito night with bae was the perfect time! Even the card attached to the gift box said, “These are not intended to collect dust. Enjoy!”  so I opened two of the beautifully wrapped glasses, poured a little bubbly and surprised my husband!  We sipped like royalty! It was great!

How many of  us are saving something for the “right” or “Perfect” moment! Maybe it’s an outfit, a special gift, a china set, a special wig, a lip color…the list goes on!  I’ve said it before and it bears repeating… don’t wait, create your own occasion to put it to use! Break the rules! Do what makes you happy and enjoy the possessions you have!  If you’re saving a special  outfit… make dinner arrangements with your girls or your man, dress to the gawds, and take lots of pics!  If you have a special set of glasses or a china set, pull them out of the breakfront, set that table and relish in the moment!  Of course there will be times when you buy something for a very specific occasion, and I totally get it! However, if you have something that you’ve left untouched for months all in the name of waiting for the “right” moment… then I challenge you today, create “that” moment and simply enjoy!


Live your life and keep it stylish,



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