The 5-day Challenge! (Will YOU Join Me?)

A few days ago I had an amazing conversation with my God-mother! We talked about marriage, our friends, and of course we had to discuss our latest fashion finds. As we spoke, my Aunt mentioned how she love seeing other women “tear it up”!   She went on to say , “When you are confident with who you are, and  you know that you are not in competition with anyone, you are able to uplift others.” #Truth  

We share this trait!  If you know me, then you know that I love those moments of telling/reminding other women of just how fabulous they are!  Whether it be in what they wear,  or how effortlessly they use their God-given gifts, I love letting my sisters know “I see you, boo”!

Too often we see/hear women tearing each other down; criticizing the smallest of faults, spreading the most horrible rumors, and looking for ways to rain on the parade. But today, I am challenging you to join me in a 5-day movement to uplift those around you!

The 5-day Challenge

Day 1 (Monday): “Take a look in the Mirror”:  The ability to genuinely uplift, compliment or encourage someone else starts with you! It requires confidence. On this day, take the time to celebrate who you are, how far you’ve come… and get excited about where you are going! Today, we celebrate YOU!

Day 2 (Tuesday): “Build up your inner circle”:  Birds of a feather, flock together. Take this day to focus on those closest to you. Whether your husband,  your bestie or your family; Pray, and watch how those opportunities to speak life come flooding in!  

Day 3 (Wednesday): “Hump day, your office needs a lift”:  Our places of employment aren’t always the best, but I encourage you on this day to seek ways to uplift  those in your work space.  Are you struggling with feelings of jealousy because someone may have been promoted quicker, or perhaps their presentation was more well-received than yours? That’s your challenge right there! (So not easy, but oh so liberating. Remember, you are not in competition with anyone, but yourself)! If you are a manager, who on your team needs a boost of confidence? Deposit into their life today!

Day 4 (Thursday): “Go back to someone who comes to mind”: Trust me, you will know exactly whom to reach out to! (Feel free to reference “The One Thing you Must Never Ignore“)

Day 5 (Friday): “Stranger, no danger”: As you step out for your morning coffee, or wander over to the mall to get an outfit for the weekend, take a moment to speak to someone you don’t know. I’m not saying just pick any-ole-person! I’m saying If, for example, you see someone and you notice how fabulously she is dressed… tell her.  Step out of your comfort zone and turn your gaze of admiration into a word of life.

Let’s make the next 5-day amazing! Will you join me?

Keep it uplifting and stylish,


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