3 tips to help you regain/maintain a positive attitude!


 Have you ever noticed how easy it is to be negative? #frfr We live in such an imperfect world, encounter imperfect people, and often our imperfect situations get the best of us. The past week was particularly challenging for me, with regards to maintaining a positive attitude.   Like, I know I’m usually the one who shines light and looks for “the good” in the darkest of nights, but this past week it was tough! I had to pray and  consciously shift my thinking, my attitude, and my atmosphere!  It wasn’t a perfect shift, but I did it! And  I want to take a moment to share with you 3 things that I’ve embrace, that will help you  regain and maintain a positive attitude in the midst of the storm:

1.  Have your moment; then embrace the power of 3:  When life happens give yourself a moment to have a moment.  Cry (this is me), scream, and do whatever it is that you need to do to release that immediate rush of emotions that seemingly take over! But don’t stay there! After your moment call out three things for which you are thankful, (and I strongly encourage you to do this BEFORE you call or text your friends to let them know what has happened)! This will help you to refocus on the good in your life! For example, If you are in transition at your job, instead of focusing on all of the negative that has happened focus on the blessing of your present:

  1.  You have a job (some people were laid off)
  2.  You have a source of income (and the mind/resources to budget accordingly)
  3. You have everything you need to go after the career you really want (What are you waiting for?!)

2. Protect your aura: Misery loves company, and a complaining tongue is looking for a listening ear! So when “Negative Nancy“, “Lying Laverne” and “Gary the Gossip” huddle (or try to call you up) to discuss the goings-on,  beware!  Most often when you engage in conversations with people like this, all those negative thoughts begin to settle in and take over (especially if they go unchecked)!  And if you’re not careful,  you will begin to talk that same talk, and it will feel like quicksand trying to get out! Take it from someone who knows firsthand, and do your best to protect your aura. Surround yourself with positive people, who are able to acknowledge reality, and focus on the blessing of the “bright-side“. 

3. Always look to learn:  We all know this truth, but it is so easy to ignore.  Being able to looking at a situation, and focus on what you can/have learned,  takes real effort! But taking the time to learn from a mistake or disappointing situation is well worth it! For me, I like to write down what I’ve learned, or what I need to improve upon! Prayer is key with this step! 🙏🏾Taking the time to ask God what He is trying to teach and show you is the absolute best!  He is all knowing! And believe me nothing compares to having peace and clarity about your circumstances!

 Keep it stylishly Positive,



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