5 Must-Haves for your Fabulous Handbag 

1)  A Bomb Lip Balm: It’s cold outside and those lips need moisture now, more than an other season.  My favorite is the Jack Black Lip Balm in Natural Mint. I love the tingly sensation, and it truly leaves my lips soft and kissable (hubby agrees). No matter what you choose,  be sure to prep your lips before you layer your lip color. Your lips will thank you.  No chaps or CRACKS over here!

2) $20: When I started driving at age 23, (do NOT judge a sista lol), my dad always told me to carry at least $20 at all times.   I now live by this. Even if not $20, I carry some amount of cash in case of an emergency.   We’ve all seen those “cash only sorry for the inconvenience” signs at some point.  Take the hint and keep a little cash with you.

3) Gum/Mints: Do I even need to explain.  This is somewhat non-negotiable! My favorite gum is Trident White Spearmint. Freshens breath, and whitens teeth! **Insert pearly white smile** I always try to keep a pack in my handbag and in my glove compartment. Nothing more off-putting than a whiff bad breath, especially when you know you’re doing the offending! Yikes!

4) Spare Earrings: A quick fix for those crazy morning, especially when you’re rushing out.  Earrings can add an instant finish, even to the wildest of looks (well?). Take heed and stash a pair in your purse. I prefer studs because I can easily conceal them. 

5) Confidence:  Now of course this won’t fit in your handbag, but it is oh so necessary! Like this little kitty, stand tall and proud!  Take a look in the mirror, and speak over your life before you leave the house. If you’ve already made it to the car… girl, adjust that rear-view mirror and get to talking! You are somebody, you will accomplish all that you set your mind to do! With God on your side, Nothing can stop you! 

What are some of your must-haves in your handbag? 

Stay encouraged and stylish


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