“There’s More to Life than Watching Other People Live It” -Max

Hitch the Movie
If you’ve seen the movie Hitch, then you probably remember this quote. Sara (Eva Mendes) was given a real dose of reality from her boss (Max), when she returned from her vacation (4 days early) just to share photos of a  high profile celebrity cheating on his girlfriend. 

With Social Media, it is almost expected that we become consumed with the lives of others… especially celebrities.  With a simple tap, we are granted full access to see what others are doing, whom they’re doing it with, and can even imagine how they feel while doing it. It’s viciously entertaining! However, it can become inevitably obsessive if we don’t check ourselves.

This is not to say that Social Media is the devil.  Nor is it to say that it’s bad to share in and celebrate the successes of others. Not at all! I’m quick to double tap and celebrate others and all of their successes. The #Blackgirlmagic on my timeline is at an all time high, and I’m surrounded by some of the baddest bosses in the business.  I’m a positivity magnet! However, we have to be mindful not to be so consumed with scrolling through and enjoying the lives of others, that we miss actually living and creating the lives we want to enjoy.  


The next time you go out to dinner or on vacation with your spouse, friends, or family… put your phone away and keep it there!   Live in the moment, and create memories that will last a life time!


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