When You Know You’re Wrong

The other night, I had an extremely frustrating day at work.  Like, for real!  Unfortunately, I allowed my frustration to get the best of me and I spoke to a colleague in a manner that was less than becoming. No, I didn’t yell, scream or curse. However, as soon  as I walked away from the conversation, I knew that I handled it all wrong. I felt a huge knot of guilt in my throat… Ugh! So what did I do about it? I did what any self-respecting person would do… I tried to find justification for my actions. I dug so deep y’all, and came up with nothing! Nothing justified how I handled my frustration, and I knew I had to make it right.

So I swallowed my pride, and went back to apologized for my behavior. At first, my colleague wanted no parts of my apology, and tried to chalk it up to “it is what it is”. But I knew that I couldn’t leave the situation unresolved.  So I asked them to hear me out (which they did), and went on to explain why I needed to apologize. This was such a liberating moment for me. I actually passed this test!

Sometimes in life, we are just flat-out wrong. We know it, and even try to ignore it. But let me encourage you today… Don’t let your pride keep you from the freedom (and blessings) that comes with making things right!  Let go of your pride, and acknowledge your behavior without looking for justification. Apologize, get it right, and move forward. You already know it’s the right thing to do!

Cheers to being fierce and free <3


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