🎥 Video | My “Fierce 5” Reflection; Change Me

Hey Ladies, I don’t know about you, but Gail James’ post was all up in my business this week! Like, HELLO? Too REAL! Check out my”Fierce 5″ reflection video, as I share how “Auntie G’s” post spoke to me! 

All I can say is, “CHANGE ME, oh God”!

(in my Tamela Mann voice)!

Be encouraged <3


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4 thoughts on “🎥 Video | My “Fierce 5” Reflection; Change Me

  1. Hello Reese! Yes, these extraordinary Ladies are dishin’ out some serious WISDOM! With nearly 15 years of marriage I can agree with what they are saying. In some cases I made the mistakes they are highlighting – before I learned the lesson. I want to point out, how wise you are to realize their wisdom is wise! May all of your readers think so as well!
    *Happy Blogging my Sister*

    1. Hi Audrey 💕💛💓💖 thank you for tuning in and for sharing! I, too, am thankful that God has shown me how to listen and learn from those who have once been in my shoes. I don’t always get it right (lol). I’m working on my rebellious ways. I truly believe this is how God wants us to live and learn; not only by experience but by gleaning from the wisdom of others! Your reading and sharing means more than you know!

      Cheers to your 15 and many more 💓🤗✨

  2. I can never watch your videos, or even see your picture with that million dollar smile without smiling myself. How you bless us so! Thank you for being transparent and for blessing us with your mentor’s wisdom. What a great testimony that you are willing to be humble & learn from those with more experience! A lot of us think we know it all, when we don’t! We can all learn, glean & be blessed with wisdom from godly women. Thank you for sharing & for being such an incredible woman of God!

    1. 🙌🏾🤗💕✨🙌🏾💕🤗 my heart is filled! Thank you so much, Penny! I live to learn and grow! I want to be ALLL that God wants me to be, and learning from those with the wisdom is crucial for me! Ahhh! I’m so thankful! I truly appreciate your love, support and encouragement! Xoxo

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