Unleashing Your Greatness | “The one Thing That’s Holding You Back”

Hey ladies, it’s Monday so you already know I’m hyped! It’s week 4 of the “Unleashing Your Greatness” series, and I’m so excited to have a very VERY special guest on the blog today; my wonderful hubby Mr. Arkeem Dennis! This week we are talking about “The ONE thing that’s holding you back!  It’s time to SHIFT! Watch and BE ENCOURAGED!

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4 thoughts on “Unleashing Your Greatness | “The one Thing That’s Holding You Back”

  1. Sign me up for the Keem and Queen couples tour seriously. What you all said about the shift is so true. But that break down of how you if you don’t shift you won’t even be going anywhere?! That blessed me because I think we have the idea of oh ok I’m comfortable, right? Like if I stay and here and don’t shift, at least I like where I’m at. But who in life ever desired no progress? So sometimes comfort is actually us being stuck. Y’all did that.

    1. So so true! “Sometimes being comfortable is actually us being stuck” yes! So glad this blesses you girl.. and you already know you’ll be VIP when we go on tour lol😍🤗🙌🏾💕

  2. That’s good Dennis family!! I love the anology of not staying in one gear especially as you start to pick up speed. You HAVE to shift or you will stall out! This is confirmation Most Definitely. I feel like a lot of time when transition in life takes place it’s gets harder to navigate or control, but that’s the time to SHIFT UP, you can’t keep doing things the same way when everything around you and IN you is becoming greater!

    1. “You can’t keep doing things the same way, when everything around and IN you in becoming GREATER” 🗣preachhh!!! The shift is a necessary part of the process! and when we shift, we flow!!! Yaaasss! So thankful this was Confirmation for you … He is so faithful!

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