3 Keys to Help You “Own Your Slay” || Crown Edition

As you all probably know by now, I am all about being #SnatchedforHisglory, from head to toe!!! Yaaassss! A few months ago, I hosted a style series, in which I spoke about how to build an inspirational wardrobe (check out the series here). Well now, it’s time to talk about your crown!

As some of you may know I am Slay Consultant and owner of Hair Slayed by Reese! I absolutely love that I am able to flourish in my gift, and empower women all while slaying their crowns! Yaaass!!! “Own Your Slay” are words I live by and often encourage. But as some of you have asked, “What exactly does this mean… how do I own my slay”? Well keep reading for the 3 keys to help you “Own Your Slay”.

1.Confidence is Key.

Owning your slay starts with confidence. You could have the most amazing hair (or shoes/outfit), but if you walk around with slumped shoulders, it won’t matter. It took me a while to embrace this truth. I remember when I first started doing different things with my hair, I’d walk around unsure of my decision until someone else would comment and tell me how fabulous it looked.  With each compliment, I’d stand a little taller, and more confident in my decision. This may seem normal, but it’s not the healthiest way to live. We have to embrace and love what we do for ourselves, first. Compliments aren’t bad, but if you do things simply for the approval of others you will never know peace. So when it comes to owning your slay, remember confidence is the first and most important ingredient! 

Experiment, and embrace what works for you.

For me.. in this season, I don’t like having hair in my face (outside of a perfectly positioned photo for the ‘gram). So no matter how good it looks to others, I can’t walk in my slay confidently because I don’t like that look for myself!  Hair in my eyeball #issano. lol  But guess what I have clients with whom I’ve worked, where we’ve finally discovered… they love when the hair falls in their face. It makes them feel sexy, and I’m all for it! So the point is, what works for others, and makes them feel amazing, may not be the same for you… and vice versa.  You have to discover what works for you.

On another note, would you believe that I used to be so scared of color in my hair? I was under the illusion that, black girls weren’t supposed to wear their hair in different colors other than black or dark brown! And if they did it was “ghetto”!  CRAZY RIGHT? Well I’m so glad that I dropped those falsities like radioactive waste, and  started to experiment with different colors and styles for myself. Ever since, I’ve been blonde, red, purple… and have loved every moment of it! Now you may not be there yet, but don’t be afraid to step out of the box with you hair (and style in general). You might just be surprised at how much you love it. 

Make it Yours, and Rock Out.

I always preach this…There are no “just – likes” when it comes to your hair (or style). Your facial features, your hairline, you face shape and  body type all contribute to how your slay looks on you.  So when it comes to owning your slay, you have to rock it like it was designed just for you. If you’re looking at the images of other and hoping to look “just like her” then you will never be satisfied, because it just isn’t possible. Of course there is nothing wrong with inspiration, but you have to know even before sitting in anyone chair that your slay is going to be uniquely yours. So Swing your hair and find the perfect flip. Twist it, pull it up, flip it to the side and ROCK OUT! Have fun with your hair/fashion, and make it YOURS!


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2 thoughts on “3 Keys to Help You “Own Your Slay” || Crown Edition

  1. Hey lady, I am having problems owning my slay. I had locs for over 18 years and decided to cut them this past June. Now when I try a crochet it just doesn’t fit me like I want, looks good in a picture but then when I get it…….boring. How can I get help finding that right style

    1. Hi Pamela! Thank you for sharing! Finding the right style can take time, especially after a big change. What do you think makes the style boring? Is it color? The length? Curl pattern? Perhaps the cut and how it frames your face? I’d say have a chat with your crochet stylist and have a convo about expectations. I wouldn’t give up on crochet just yet. It’s an excellent option, especially if you’re looking to grow out your hair since your “loc chop”. Hope that helped 💕🤗

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