My 7 min Delivery | 3 Lessons from My Pregnancy Journey

Yes, you read that correctly! Check out my newest video to find out all the deets about my labor and delivery, along with lessons learned from my pregnancy journey! #NobodybutGod

Enjoy and be encouraged!

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12 thoughts on “My 7 min Delivery | 3 Lessons from My Pregnancy Journey

  1. If you only knew how much this touched me. Your testimony is incredible but the overall meaning was exactly what I needed to hear. Hearing the results of what happens when you protected, prayed and trusted God fully and him blessing you Beyond what you asked for? Wow. Thank you. And Thank God!

  2. Beautiful testimony and amazing advice about protecting your seed (vision, dream, business, etc.)!

  3. Praise Him!!! Praise Him! He 8s Mighty!!!!😘😘😘😘Thanks for sharing and giving HIM ALL the Glory!

  4. Won’t He do it?!!! I was one who commented on how small you were, but hopefully you knew my heart & that it was truly a compliment about how awesome you looked! So incredibly grateful for your testimony because soooo much could have gone wrong – BUT GOD!!! Love your videos & encouragement. Can’t wait to meet that precious bundle of love!!

    1. Did you? I honestly don’t remember… I just remember being showered with love from you 💕💕💕 and yes nobody BUT GOD! She can’t wait to meet you either! 🥰 love you!

  5. Guuuuurrrrl!!!! That was a great testimony and such awesome advice. I’m here for it all and so encouraged by your journey. Those lessons you shared were right on time for my “current season.” Bless you, your hubby & baby girl!

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