Overcome the Overwhelm | “Supermom Syndrome” | (Audio)

Over the past few month I’ve been leaning in to serving millennial mommas! I’m on a personal and purposeful mission to help us overcome the overwhelm, create work/life harmony, while unapologetically manifesting the life we deserve and desire!

If you are connected with me on social media, you most like have witness this unfolding! You may have heard my story about how that all came about! I’m now so grateful that I gave God my “Yes”! I don’t know about you, but I’m not always a fan of everything I’m called to do in the moment. Especially when  praying for an answer, and God turns around and tells you that “you’re the solution they’ve been praying for”! God is so funny like that!

Well since that moment I created my #MOREmomSquad community, a safe space  for mommas like me, who are ready to ditch the overwhelm and give themselves permission for M.O.R.E: Manifesting Overflow and Results in Every Area of their lives…. it’s lit!

This past week I felt led to go LIVE in our community to encourage my momma members! I felt a heaviness and God again told me I’m to rise up and be the solution, as He guides me!

Today, I’m inviting you into our conversation to encourage you, because like some of my mommas… you too, may feel overwhelmed, burdened, tired, frustrated… you may even feel like a failure as a momma! Well I’m here to empower you… and tell you…. you are not a failure! You are doing an amazing job momma…. and this audio below is just for you!

Listen and be encouraged <3!


If this was for you, I invite you to join my #MOREmomSquad community! Simply click below, for your exclusive invite! 

Momma, you’re doing a bomb job… and you absolutely deserve the life you desire!








PPD and Anxiety Resources (get the help you need)

* postpartum support international (has info for partners too)

* Postpartumva.org ***specific to VA***

* Anxiety and depression association of America

* Talk to your OB or primary care provider

* Therapy for black girls has a directory of licensed therapists

* Melaninandmentalhealth.com (also has a directory of therapists)



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