“I’m Proud of Myself” | MY Holiday/2021 Reflection

“I’m Proud of You”

I’m no stranger to these 4 words. I am surrounded by amazing people who love, support and genuinely want me to win in life. I’m blessed. And as a recovering people pleaser, I’ve realized just how much I’ve relied on this sentiment, applause and praise from others to guide me… without really taking the time to acknowledge this for myself. Like I rarely took the time to say “I’m proud of you girl” to myself.

So much can change in a year…

And it took cancelled holiday plans, an unusual birthday, and surviving an unexpected and oh so in-the-way winter Storm to help me realize just how far I’ve come… and I’m soooo incredibly proud of myself!

Grab your tea, click below and take a listen as I share 12 reasons why I am so incredibly proud of myself, and what I am doing to help guide my life in 2022! I know it will encourage you!


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“Jesus, Therapy & Self Care”

“A Lesson on Managing Transitions”


Great, you’re still here… can I show you something super special to me!

I didn’t get to mention this in the audio, but I’m so proud of my decorating efforts from this season! I gave myself permission to take it one season at a time, one room at a time… one area in that room at a time… This year was all about the living room couch lol. Here are a few photos!  I’m so proud of myself!



YASSS!!! OKAY… you’re still scrolling! 

It’s been on my heart, so I have to ask…

Are you overwhelmed?

Are you long overdue and in desperate need of some “me time“? Are you struggling to “find the time” for yourself with all the “demands” on your plate as a mom a wife, and in your career/business?  Do feel like you don’t have the help or support you need to care for yourself? You know you need some serious self care, and you’re ready to take radical action to prioritize yourself, and finally “fill your cup”?

If you’re sitting there, nodding your head, with the sound of your littles in the background, I have exactly what you need!


The Ultimate Self Care Guide for Busy and working moms!

5 simple steps to finally “find the time”, and unapologetically create & enjoy a guilt-free lifestyle of Radical Self Care… starting today!

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