3 Completely Normal Things Toddlers Do… That Will Test You!

Have you ever just looked at your toddler and thought to yourself “am I the only one going through this”? Yea, me too! Whether a challenging time, a funny moment… or a “this can’t be my life right now” type of situation, I think we can all agree, we’ve been there! Here are my top 3 moments that capture this sentiment oh so accurately!

1. When your toddler says “I can do it”

The toddlers’ anthem! Whew! Now let me just say, I am totally in support of letting my little one learn to do for herself and assert her independence. I encourage it, and she is actually really amazing at it! Using her words, putting on socks, climbing into the car, buckling her own seat belt, putting on her own clothes… like YAASSS sis, you got this!  However, there are others times when it’s just not working out, and sis needs a little help. From wiping, bathing, brushing teeth… she’s learning and getting better, but we’re not quite at the place where she can do it thoroughly by herself.  All in all, it’s a lot.  Especially when your toddler just won’t let up and you, as the parent, choose to sit patiently for what seems like an eternity to avoid “the storm” of emotions that will ensue if you take over… only to have them finally ask for help… Whew! Pray for your girl!

2. When your toddler exclaims “No, Not yet”!

I promise you saying “no”, is a game for toddlers! I know that many times, especially as they get older and become more aware, they are really just telling us how they feel. And I totally get that. But in other instances, it’s just for sport. Either way, it takes a whole lot of intentionality and patience not to lose it when it happens, especially when it’s time to make moves… like refusing to get into the carseat when its nearly freezing outside, turning into a stick figure when it’s time to get into the shopping cart, or refusing any form of bathing/cleaning! Like sis, this is not the time to assert yourself. Lawd!

Oh and what’s really wild is that my little one understands the concept of “Not yet”, and actually has the nerve to say it. Her two most used phrases… “No bath yet, mommy” and “No! No potty today, mommy”. Fix it Jesus! Like who are these little people? It’s just all so much, especially since most of us are really doing the work to ensure that we support our child’s growth while also holding healthy boundaries. All I can say is… PRAY.

3. When you realize that your toddler acts differently (cooperates/act “better”) with others!

I’ll never forget the first time our little lady was in the care of our “Dream Team” for a weekend.  Hubby and I were so nervous, because when our little lady is with us, she is very expressive and is so determined to live her best little life! In other words… sis tries it, daily!  So you can imagine just how pleasantly surprised we were to hear how “well” she did the entire weekend. No tears when leaving the playground, no carseat battles, no tantrums, falling asleep on her own… etc. Listen, we even witnessed her Oscar worthy “performance” on the Ring Camera.  Little miss walking and holding hands with her aunties. No pulling away, running or screaming. Just the epitome of peace, beyond understanding! lol. Like… what? Who’s child is this? Surely she has become brand new!

And this is her norm!!

Whenever she is in the care of our trusted loved ones, she doesn’t cry or fuss. She listens, uses the potty, takes her nap, eats her food…etc. Like huh?  This was extremely frustrating at first, because I’m like… is it me, is there something wrong with me as a mom? Then I learned… THIS IS NORMAL! Kids show their truest selves… with all of their love, tantrums & big emotions… in the presence of their primary caregivers (ie me and my hubby). They feel the safest and know that we aren’t going anywhere despite how the act.  Still learning and growing, but knowing this is normal has definitely made a huge difference. And my people love watching my little one, so it works out… lol!


There are countless examples of toddler-isms that will test your gangsta, but somehow knowing:

  1. This is Normal
  2. I’m not the only parent experiencing this
  3. God has called me and has equipped me for this thing called “mom life”

makes such a major difference in how we manage these moments with our littles. God is giving all of us strength daily, and In the words of Kendrick Lemar… Momma, “we gonna be alright”!

You’re doing a great job, momma!







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