I was on my Fourth Load of Laundry When it Hit Me…

I was on my fourth load of laundry when it hit me…

I hadn’t had a real break from my child, or moment to myself since that huge winter storm hit our area a few weeks ago. And more importantly, hubby was home and we didn’t have anywhere to be!

Chiiiiii!  I said, “Theresa, surely you know better!!! This is your moment… this is your time… You’re not throwing away your shot”!

So, I got myself all the way together to seize the moment. I dropped that basket of laundry right on the steps (not even realizing I’d done that until I saw that  it was in the background of this photo lol), showered, threw on my new fave plaid “Shacket”, took a few pics, and ran out the door for a much needed BREAK from it all!

It was a fabulous 2 hours of “me time” that gave EVERYTHING is was supposed to gave… and then some!!

And I’m soooo glad I allowed myself to put that laundry down to take a break, because less than 24 hours later… I found out that our amazing babysitter was exposed to COVID and wouldn’t be available to come watch Dream for a week(😭😭😭), ANDDDDD hubby was under the weather. So I was up in this house… doing this toddler thing by myself for a few days! Whew!

I’m sharing this real life moment to remind you…

most times, that “task” CAN WAIT!

Whether it be at home, with your family, at work, in your business…etc.

Now I’m not saying “oh just leave your home in shambles and let your family fend for themselves”, although at times even that is necessary for your mental well being. (real talk)

What I am saying is that doing everything else first, and only taking a breather for yourself AFTER it’s all done will leave you overwhelmed, depleted and feeling a great deal of burn out.  I mean let’s be real… as a mom there will always be something else to do. ALWAYS. We’re never completely finished doing all the things.

More importantly… taking time for yourself (i.e. self care) is vital to your endurance, and well being  as a mom. So put that thing on hold and take a moment for yourself. Whether 30 mins or 2 hours,

Talk to God

Listen to that playlist

Take that shower

Go for that walk

Run that errand

Schedule that session

Grab that coffee

Sit in that Car in Silence

Beat that face

Take that nap

Do what you need to do, and take that break!

I know it would be amazing to have this perfect life where all of our ducks are in a row, our kids are always happy, our home is always in order, and we get to go on weekly self-care mommy trips, to luxuriate on a tropical Island while our husbands or trusted loved ones take care of the kids while we’re away, but that’s not real life for the majority of us.

So when you know you need a break, take full advantage of the moments in front of you to fill your cup; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally.

Sometimes you just have to look at that task in front of you and say, “this can wait, I need a moment”

And when you do… take it, and run! lol







I did All of this not even realizing my truth was photo-bombing me the whole time! I thought to crop the laundry basket out of the photos and video, but then I realized this is real life for so many of us as moms! So here we are, me all done up and ready to run a few errands to get a break, and a whole load of DIRTY laundry just sitting there cheering me on… like “Go girl, I ain’t going nowhere! I’ll be right here when you get back”!

Welcome to my world! Ha!!


Momma, You’re not crazy… YOU NEED A BREAK!!!


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