How to Feel Amazing in What you Wear (After Having Kids)

How to feel amazing in what you wear in the body you have now  while you work towards the body that you want… postpartum mommy style!

The other day I was preparing to nurse my newborn (in case you missed it,,, I had another baby) and while trying to undo my nursing bra, chi it was a Messss.

I didn’t feel comfortable!

My pants were digging into my stomach, my socks were twisted and wet after stepping on a piece of ice (😭), and my hair wasn’t done.  Struggling to detach my nursing bra, that was riding up my back, was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

So I took off my damp sock, tried to adjust my nursing bra, and pulled my pants up so they didn’t dig into my “proof of pregnancy”.

But then I said to myself “Girl…YOU KNOW BETTER”?  Because the truth is I was simply putting a bandage on the real issues I was facing in that moment…

1. the nursing bra was great when I had Dream but just wasn’t a good fit now with this body after having Vision. This body is different, and that nursing bra needed to go!

2. my pants were one size too small and needed to be retired until I do my wardrobe audit. I need to remove all the clothes that don’t serve me, or this body, in this season!

3. when I looked in my closet, I got overwhelmed.  I’d built this gorgeous wardrobe of pieces that I LOVE, and although I am 100% confident that I’ll get back into at least 90%, at this current moment THEY DON’T FIT. And as beautiful as they are, they’re a distraction for me right now. I needed to get them out of sight while I work on me!

All in all, I needed to do what I KNOW and TEACH others to do… revisit my wardrobe to ensure that it only includes clothes that make me feel great. Nursing bras included.

So I went back to the basics!

While my son napped (Lawd, I have a son), I took a few moments to really get clear about how I wanted to feel,  and wrote out my “Wardrobe Word” for the season… “effortless”. I cannot and will not put anything on my body that feels like work, or makes me feel uncomfortable.

Since I’m giving myself 6 months to get back into some of my fave items, I put all of those clothes that will be a part of that “wardrobe audit” in a vacuum sealed bag until then. That way I’m only focused on sorting through what fits now and purging accordingly. Things that don’t make me feel good or don’t inspire me… to the Goodwill they go!

Lastly, I started to build my postpartum looks! I tried on a few outfits, pairing the basic items I kept with my other coordinating pieces! I did this to determine my “go to” looks for the different events in my life at the moment; around the house, school pickup/drop off, doctors visits, church and going out with hubby/girlfriends.

Once I got clear on how I wanted to feel, purged what didn’t align, and then got a clear image of what looks I wanted to create during this postpartum period… I was able to build a small inspiring collection of looks to carry me thorough the next few months.

Y’all!  What a difference it has made.

Listen life is TOO SHORT to be uncomfortable and bothered in what we put on, even while working on our bodies in the postpartum period. You don’t have to be or feel frumpy just because you’re a mom!!

We can totally slay and feel amazing in the body we have now, while we work towards the body that we want. I know I am!!!

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  1. “effortless”. I cannot and will not put anything on my body that feels like work, or makes me feel uncomfortable. Amen! Love this!

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