What Lies Beneath | Dump the Frump Style Series Week 3

It’s week 3 of our “Dump The Frump” mommy style series, and I’ve been having a really great time revisiting these wardrobe and style  tips to help me feel and look amazing!

This week is all about “What Lies Beneath”.  Let’s dive right in!

Check out this other amazing video on the topic!

What Lies Beneath : 3 Things Every woman needs in her arsenal! 

How I’m working the process in the moment!

I’m about 11 weeks postpartum, and right now breastfeeding is a huge part of my life. In keeping with my “wardrobe word” for the year, I want to feel effortless, and that includes my undergarments! So I was able to get a visual, of how I wanted to feel (week I), and purge to make sure that I only held on to undergarments that fit properly (that included nursing bras to include for easy access). It was such a cathartic process, and now when I get dressed I’m starting with undergarments that not only fit well, but are practical for this season of my life. And I like the way they look! Ain’t nothing wrong with pretty bras, panties, and other important undergarments!

When was the last time you gave your undergarments a performance review? Have you given yourself permission to wear things that make you feel amazing, even while you’re working on the body you want? Or are you settling for  ill-fitted undergarments, because “no-one will see them”? Let’s change this!


Often times it’s working on what people cannot see, that causes us to feel our best!

So ask yourself “What lies beneath”?


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