How to Overcome MOM GUILT When you Make a Mistake

I’m writing this in REAL TIME, a littler over 24 hours since I felt the most intense and overwhelming mom guilt I’ve ever felt in my life as a mom.

I’m a Stay at home mom of two small, amazing children and God is truly showing me how to navigate this new space as a mom of two, with grace. I’m creating my flow (more on this later), and I feel like God is showing me what it means to be an overcomer as a mom! I truly want to experience the goodness of God and His joy in my motherhood. Period.

The other day, I was home having a pretty amazing day with my littles. My toddler was in a great space, the tantrums were at an all time low, and your girl actually got a little nap during the day when the baby slept.

I created a little menu so I knew exactly what to prepare for dinner, and we’ve been working with my toddler to help her follow a set routine throughout the day, and it’s been working.

It was now dinner time. Food was ready. My toddler was making her way to the table…

And that’s when it happened!

I took my eyes off my baby boy for what felt like a matter of seconds, and he had an accident. It was one of the scariest moments of my life and I still can’t get over how fast it happened.

I immediately pulled my son in close and began to plead the blood of Jesus over his life… tongues that I’ve never spoken before began to flood out of my mouth, as I prayed over his life and body!

It wasn’t long before he was resting peacefully in my arms, aware that he was safe, loved, cared for…

Then it hit me.

It was like I became aware of my part in this incident and the guilt overwhelmed me!

All of the “coulda, shoulda, wolds’ came flashing before me, and I couldn’t help but to wail because I felt like such a huge failure in that moment!

This one moment, caused me to doubt all that I had done up tot this point.

I prayed for God to help me, because I was having such a HARD TIME… and I felt led to reach out to “my people”.  God knew!

They calmed me down, while letting me express myself. Prayed over me and spoke life into me, when I just couldn’t seem to speak over myself, and held me up during one of my most difficult mommy moments!

I started to feel better.

I finally called my hubby, and as soon as he declared “Our son will be well”, something leapt in my spirit. It was like his word of life was the final ingredient to help me to tap into what I needed to overcome in the moment!

as Mention played throughout the night, I just kept calling on the name of Jesus. Weeping endures for a night, oh but Joy always comes!

Fast forward to this very moment, tears of gratitude are welling up.  My son IS well. As I nursed him I sang go God’s faithfulness. Considering the fall my son took, the doctor was amazed that he only sustained a tiny bruise on his lip.

Father, I PRAISE YOU!!!!

WE know GOD KEPT OUR SON! There is a promise on his life, and no weapon formed against him will prosper!

What I’m LEARNING from this:

1. We all make mistakes as moms, and making a mistake or having a bad moment doesn’t negate how amazing of a mom I am. Yes, You can be a WONDERFUL momma and still experience less than wonderful moments. But there is hope. we Have Jesus. And remember as I’ve shared before  “You’re the right mom with the right kid(s)”  I will never take his grace  for granted.

2. No matter what we face, EVERY BURDEN, EVERY CARE and EVERY WORRY can and must be laid at feet of Jesus. And when we cast our cares onto Him, we have to learn to leave it there (I’m working on it).  Tell His every detail, cry it out in His presence, and  allow His power, love and sound mind (unexplainable PEACE) to overwhelm you! His peace will flush out the worry! Oh Hallelujah!

3. As God directs, rely on those trusted loved ones to hold you up, pray you and embrace you (in person) through difficult moments. The effectual fervent prayer of the RIGHTEOUS availeth much (James 5:16)! And there is so so soooo much safety in the precess of wise counsel (Proverbs 11:14)! I simply couldn’t imagine my life without these women in it. I’m so grateful…. Words cannot even describe!

4. SPEAK God’s word over your life and your family. The one thing  that I was constantly reminded of is that  mom guilt is not from God. Beating yourself up (aka Condemnation), is not in His will for His children. What you do is focus on the goodness, faithfulness and promises of God. He is our firm foundation. Speak life!  Remember the promise of God.

5. There is joy, and that is our strength!  Nothing about being a mom will EVER be perfect. And like I said before, even the best of moms have tough moments and make mistakes. It is truly a part of life, and I know that because God is with us, forgiving, keeping, refreshing, directing, loving, providing for us in the midst of it all… we can count it all joy. He is an EVER PRESENT HELP in the time of trouble! WHEW THAT HIT ME!!! Ever PRESENT!!! I am His daughter, so even when I make mistakes, and accidents happen… His promise is to NEVER LEAVE me nor FORSAKE me! And that promise extends to my children. He is perfecting that which concerns me, my family, my children and the generations to come!

God is FAITHFUL, and the more I focus on His goodness in His presence, the guilt is melting away! I wish I could say, it left instantly, but it hasn’t. Every day I have to arrest my thoughts (2 Corinthians 10:5) and replace them with the spoke truth of God’s word! Everyday, throughout the day!

As I’m  growing through one of the most challenging moments of my mom life to date, I am grateful for my children and to have a GOOD GOOD FATHER, who LOVES ME and my Children. He is a KEEPER! He is intentional about the people He’s placed in my life, and I will forever see His goodness when I look at my son!


I sought the LORD [on the authority of His word], and He answered me, And delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4 AMP

I will sing of the goodness and lovingkindness of the LORD forever; With my mouth I will make known Your faithfulness from generation to generation. Psalm 89:1 AMP


Momma, I encourage you to cling closer to Him in your motherhood, than ever before! Trust Him with your life, your family, and your children! God is a keeper!








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