How to Pray (More) As a Stay at Home Mom

To the Christian Stay at Home Mom who is struggling to find time to pray… this is for you! -Theresa D.

Prayer is our lifeline. Prayer is how we access the Father… and our prayer lives, especially as moms, are under attack.

I’m no bible scholar, nor am I proficient in the knowledge of all of the practical truths of God’s word, but what I do realize is  one of the most vicious  tactics of the enemy has been convincing us to that we don’t have time to pray and spend with our Heavenly Father.

“one of the biggest scams of our day, and one of the most vicious tactics of the enemy has been convincing us that we don’t have time to prayer and seek the Father” – Theresa D

Listen, I get it. mom life is wild, and most times all-consuming. If you’re intentionally showing up for your children, being a constant presence of love and guidance in their lives… you already know it’s not an easy feat.

But let me tell you, we absolutely CANNOT do this thing called mom life well without Jesus. Period.

What I’ve learned in my very short time of being a mom is that in order to thrive in my life, I must continue to abide in Him. And if I”m finding myself “too busy” to spend time with Him, then something needs to go.

Our lives are filled with a million-and-one important things to do. Our world is filled with distractions.  And when we’re being pulled in so many different directions, it can be challenging to know what needs to go. We Need to seek the Father, and allow Him to show us.

Nothing in our lives should stand in the way of spending time with our Father.

So if you’re struggling to create a life of harmony, and are finding it even more challenging to spend time with God… I want you to stop what you’re doing and pray these simple words with me!

“Father, I come to you, in need of a fresh anointing for this season of my life. I ask that you would reveal yourself to me in a new and fresh way. Father, open my eyes both physically and spiritually to see what is standing in the way of my spending time with You.  I rebuke the lies that would cause me to believe that I can do this in my own strength. I rebuke the lies that tell me it is okay if I am too busy for You. I repent for moving without acknowledging you first in all my ways.  Give me the courage to let go of whatever doesn’t belong in my life.  Reignite my passion and desire for more of YOU. Show me how to include you in every part of my life, especially as a mom and wife. In Jesus’ name, amen”

I felt a shift!

Listen, God already knew where you would be in this moment, and the circumstances in your life did not catch Him by surprise. He wants access to all of you, and prayer is a major… if not most important… key to living for Him, and creating a life of Harmony and Flow!

Okay, so let’s dig a little deeper.  Here are 3 additional things I’m learning about how to pray more as a stay at home mom:

1. Pray intentionally (Speak and Listen)

Can you imagine life being married, and never talking to your spouse? That wouldn’t be an enjoyable life. In order to build a relationship with your spouse, you have to intentionally spend time with them.  There is no relationship without time spent together. The same is true with our Heavenly Father. When Jesus broke the veil (hallelujah), we gained access to Him… directly! We don’t have to go through a priest… we can literally pray anytime, anywhere and about ALL things!

God wants to commune with us.  He desires to have an unshakable, joy-filled,  abundant relationship with reach of us as His children,  but that won’t happen if we don’t intentionally make space to spend time with Him.

Here are a few examples of what this looks like in my life in this season.

1.When I drive to do school pickup, I intentionally drive in silence to speak/hear from Him a few times a week.

2.When I go out for my walks, every so often I intentionally keep my headphones in their case, and create mental space to speak/hear from Him.

3.While nursing my baby boy, I’m learning to intentionally put my phone down to create space to speak/hear from Him.

If you struggle with being intentional about prayer, ask God to search you and reveal to you what is getting in the way. Ask Him to show you how to make room for Him.

2. Pray the Scriptures

When you don’t have the words to say, pray the word of God. When you do have the words to say, infuse it with the word of God. In order to pray the Word, you need to know the word. and in order to know the Word, you need to read… hear… the Word. Some of my favorite scriptures to pray over my life as a mom… especially when it comes to how I manage my home:

“Father, I come acknowledging you, asking for your wisdom and direction as I raise my family.  You word promises that as I do, You would direct my path (Provers 3:5-6).

Father, Direct me, guide me and show me how to show up in this season.  Father, I lay every burden and the anxiety I feel about the unknown at your feet (Matt 11:28), Allow Your peace to overwhelm me as I walk in the path you’ve designed for me and my family (Phil. 4:6-7).

Lord, called me to manage my home well (Prov. 31:27), and as challenging as my days are at times, I know that I can do all things through You (Phil. 4:13).  I will rely on You and You alone. Allow the resurrecting power of the Holy Ghost to strengthen me (Romans 6:10-11), even through the mundane tasks of my day.

Father, I speak life over my children, my husband and my home (Prov. 18:21). I cast down every thought and imagination that would exalt itself against Your will for my life, my husband’s life, and the lives of my children, their children and so on (2 For 10:5). There are generational blessing promised to me as I obey You and raise my children for such a time as this (Deut. 28:1). Help me to mother well (Prov. 31: 17). Show me how to create harmony in my life as honoring unto You. Show me how to flow in the anointing you’ve placed on my life for this season, in Jesus name, amen!

3. Pray Continually

I used to struggle with this verse. I’m like how in the world do I pray all day. Well that was me in my ignorance, because the word didn’t say “pray all day”… it says to pray continually.  So I found A few ways to make this scripture come alive in my life…

    1. Pray while nursing
    2. Pray while cooking
    3. Pray while cleaning
    4. Pray while doing the dishes
    5. Pray while doing laundry
    6. Pray on your drive to do school dropoff/pickup
    7. Pray while you go for a walk with your littles
    8. Pray with your kids at bedtime
    9. Pray before every meal
    10. Pray in the shower (my FAVORITE time to talk to/hear from God)

I am learning to intentionally posture myself throughout the day to respond to the nudge from the Holy Spirit to pray. And when I respond, it’s always so so good for me, and my family. 

“I am learning to intentionally posture myself throughout the day to respond to the nudge from the Holy Spirit to pray” –Theresa D

Let me be clear, I don’t pray every time I’m doing these things. Some times I’m watching a movie with my hubby while enjoying a meal. Other times I’m entertaining my toddler while on our walks. And yes, I enjoy a Netflix shows while nursing my little one.

The point is when we are intentional about prayer and make the space for God in our lives, we will always find the time to pray and commune with Him… even through the monotony of our day.

A side (and very important) note…

As much as we claim to not have time for God in our day, because we are so busy with the demands of motherhood…. you rarely hear anyone claim that they don’t have time for other things, like placing an order on amazon, or scrolling on social media.  Am I the only one who has noticed this? Why? Because we make time to do those things. In the busyness of the day, we find a quiet moment to slip away and scroll.  I know I do. I’m learning that although that is not a bad thing, it has to be in its proper place in my life. I have to make space for God in order to be the mom He’s calling me to be. That requires that I prioritize Him, above all else. And that’s what I’m working on daily!







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