Fun Toddler Activities to do at Home | “The Boutique”

As a stay at home mom I am always on the look out for fun (and easy to set up) at home activities to do with my toddler.  A few months ago, I noticed that my little lady was taking an interest in putting her own outfits together, so I decided to set up an in house boutique experience for her.

I typically order her outfits online, wash them and lay them out FOR her. But that process was quickly replaced with  a very intentional “I want to pick out my own clothes”. So I decided to turn then new found desire to choose her own outfits, into a whole in house experience! Check out the video for how things went!

What you’ll need

1. A Clothing rack or table to display the clothes. I used this clothing rack, hung up her clothes, and put the bar low enough to be at eye-level with my toddler.

2. Toddler Hangers, if you want to go all out with the boutique look. I got mine from my baby registry, about 4 years ago, but these in grey or white are amazing as well!

3. A Full length mirror. I already owned one from my old apartment (yes, it’s only lol). But You can grab one for really cheap here!

4. Clothes. I used the new clothes I’d just purchased for the change of the season. But you can use clothes your toddler already owns. Pull out shoes, socks, accessories. Make it a whole thing.

5. Decorative items. This is of course completely optional, but just imagine how chic the experience will be with a well placed plant or even a few rose gold goblets on the coffee table (filled with apple juice of course)

REQUIRED! Fun and excitement! Get into it. Be excited like you’re dress shopping with your bestie (lol). Hype up your little one. Encourage, movement, dancing, and even spinning in those little tutus and dresses. I promise it will make the experience so much more fun, if you are present and fully engaged! And of course TAKE PICS!

How to set up your own “In House Boutique”

Find a space in your home where you can set up “shop”. I chose the living room because I love our black accept wall. But you can do this anywhere! Set aside about 10 mins for set up, and give yourself 15-30 minutes to enjoy the experience with your little one. Don’t rush through this. Our littles can feel when they are being hurried. This should be fun, laid back, and totally toddler led.

What is super fun about this is that the possibilities are endless. You can hang up clothes that your toddler already owns, or purchase new items for them to try on. You can even mix and match them, and give them an opportunity to create new looks. IF you’re into fashion, talk your little one through different fabrics, designs, texture and patterns. My little lady loves polka dots and mixing textures. Encourage it!

Pro Tip: Have your little one pre-select outfits for the week. Take a photo of each look so you both can remember what’s what when each morning arrives.

Pro-Pro-Tip: POST LATER!!! Take photos and videos, but don’t let it consume you.  If you plan to share, Edit and post your videos later. This is a moment of connection.

Let me know if the comments, have you done something like this before? If so, how did it go? If not, Will you try this? I would love to know!







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