Stay at Home Mom Guide | How to Thrive in Motherhood as God Intended

Can’t believe this picture was taken a week ago, time is surely flying! I thought I loved this picture because I look good in my yellow and I’m holding the fruit of my obedience in my hands…. the Stay at Home Mom Guide! But if you look a bit more closely, the beauty of this photo is in the details! Y’all see it??

Both of my littles (although not fully visible) are in the background!

This is of significant importance to me, because God is showing me that I can create and live a joy-filled, purposeful life with my kids right beside (or behind) me. I am a living witness that we can create a life that excites us, yes while our children are little.

This doesn’t mean that life is easy, or that there won’t be sacrifices. If you’ve been a mom for more than two minutes, you already know the journey comes with unique challenges and even seasons of discomfort. Not to mention, living a life of obedience and surrender to God is filled with sacrifices.

But on the other side of our “yes” to God is all that we desire! The peace, abundance… and oh the JOY!!! Whew… the joy of the Lord is truly my strength and let me tell you this… can’t nobody take it away from me!  (I feel the tears welling up)!!

It took soooo much for me to get to this point. In my hidden season (still somewhat there) God was/is doing a serious work in and through me. In the darkest moments, the seeds of God’s Word and promises were taking root… and here I am sharing a bit of that harvest with you.

If you purchase this guide, know that I’ve already prayed for you! Know that I’ve prayed that a fresh anointing would fall on you and that you would experience a life changing shift in your motherhood.  I pray that you would cling to God, His Word and dwell in His presence like never before… and that you would forsake the lies of this world and everything that is contrary to who God is calling you to be! I pray that the overflow of the work God is doing in and through you would bless your family in a new and mighty way! Hallelujah!

We can thrive in motherhood! We can create and live JOY-FILLED, ABUNDANT lives through every season of this journey. That’s not my opinion… that’s a GOD-SIZED PROMISE!  And that promise is my portion and it is yours as well!







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