Hair & Beauty Week 2023 | Let’s Get into These Wigs

I can’t believe it took me this long to jump on the “wig wagon”. Lol! Seriously. I wrote off wigs for YEARS!!!! I told myself that I would never wear them, and that crochet would be the only protective curls I would wear on my head. Boy am I eating my words now! Just look at this!!!

Over the past 3 months, I’ve purchased 9 wigs. Listen. What had happened was… I was wearing my crochet curls per usual, right! Slaying left and right. But since the end of last year, I noticed that the crochet hair just wasn’t the same.  The curls weren’t as lustrous,  the hair was tangling like crazy… and to be honest it seemed like it was taking so much more effort just to enjoy the install. Listen, I’m a mom of two littles, so I need everything about how I slay to be EFFORTLESS!   And since I’m in a protective styles for like 80% of the year, something needed to change… ASAP!

So I found and purchased my first half wig by Outre!  This beauty was my intro into the world of half wigs and baaaayyybeeee… she’s a beauty. I started off wearing this wig (and others) with headbands, thanks to @TheHeartsandCakes90 on Youtube!

Then I ventured a little deeper, and started to wear this same wig with a bit of leave out, and viola!

Half wigs have been my go to, mainly because your girl has a widow’s peak…. and the one lace wig I tried looked so odd because it didn’t match my hairline. I’m sure with the right company, and proper tweezing it could work, but like I said… I’m in my “EFFORTLESS” season… so if it’s giving “work”, I don’t want it. With the half wigs, the part that I leave out in the front blends well, while allowing my widow’s peak to live her best life! Yaaaasss.

Lightning Tutorial:

A lightning tutorial is a slay that I’m able to share in a video that is no longer than 5 minutes! Get into it, because I know how mom life is and we need things delivered to us with a quickness! Okay so let’s get into this tutorial!


Okay so go ahead and buy this wig NEEEOOWW! You can thank me later! And don’t forget your wig grip. Especially if you’re like me, and don’t want to lose your hair to those uncomfortable combs!

Products Mentioned:

Nightmoth Lip Liner:
Milani Matte Naked Lipstick
Urban Decay Setting Spray

Get the Look!

Y’all this denim dress I’m wearing in this tutorial is bomb! I literally wear it weekly, it is a SAHM staple for me. It’s chic, comfortable…. and IT HAS POCKETS! I can nurse my son in style, and I’ve worn it comfortably out to lunch and at church ( I told y’all I find a way to wear this weekly).  I always wear a pair of biker shorts, so I can also get low and play with my little during the day.  It truly is the dress that keep giving! The weight of this denim is perfect for summer, and will easily transition to fall, paired with a denim or leather jacket and some high boots! Trust me you need it!

And don’t forget to grab your Stay at Home Mom Guide, where I share how to thrive in motherhood as God intended!

Listen, I am having too much fun sharing this content with you all.  I hope you’re enjoying! Hair & Beauty Week is coming to a close, and I’m hyped to share my go to beauty tips with you in the next post! Be sure to subscribe to have posts sent directly to your inbox, and as always share with a momma who needs the reminder!









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