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I love makeup, and more importantly I love a good beat.  Especially after I’ve done the work to properly prepare my face, and the products just melt into my skin oh so beautifully… **chef’s kiss**. It truly is one of the best things to experience for me. And while I love talking and learning about products, I wanted to close out Hair & Beauty Week, by sharing 5 beauty/makeup tips that will help you achieve a beautiful beat.

Before we dive in, let me just remind you that I am not an expert. I am just a beauty enthusiast sharing what I know.  This of course is not an all inclusive list, but there are the 5 things that I believe will give you a great starting place when it comes to skincare, which is essential for proper makeup application. So let’s get right into it!

1. Drink your water!

Most of us know just just how important it is to drink water when it comes to health and wellness. But did you also know that it is vital when it comes to having healthy skin? Skincare is the foundation of a great beat, as your skin is the canvas for the makeup you’ll apply.  And skincare starts from with in.  You can use the best creams and potions, and buy the most expensive makeup on the market… and still struggle to look amazing if you’re not drinking your water, and properly caring for your skin. Pregnant women aren’t the only ones who glow.  A well hydrated woman, glows like the best of them. Hydration is some of the best skincare, so get into it. I bought this water bottle, to help me remember, and I drink 60-90 oz a day!

2. Wash your face!

I’m not sure who started it, but going to sleep in your makeup is not sexy.  Please wash your face. Even if you don’t wear makeup, it’s important to remove the impurities from your skin, daily.  Having good wash routines for morning before applying any makeup, and in the evening when removing before bed is crucial. These micellar makeup removing cloths are excellent for removing makeup and even eyelash glue (my least fave to remove). And these Olay Facial Cleansing Cloths are bomb!!! I use a whole cloth when I wash after wearing makeup, and I cut and use half when I’m washing my face in the morning (you’re welcome).  Whatever products you use, make sure you properly remove your makeup, and cleanse your skin. This will make for a beautiful canvas when you go to moisturize and slay.

3 Get a good moisturizer!

As a girl with combination/oily skin (learned this from an aesthetician), I used to think I didn’t need to moisturize my skin. I learned over the course of the past few years, that moisture is absolutely vital, and can even help minimize the production of oil for us oily girls. Who knew. You can do a quick google search for more info, as your girl is no expert….lol. What I can tell you is that I’m proof that it’s true. I use an under-eye serum every time I wash my face, and I alternate between my rose water serum before applying my makeup and pure shea butter at night.

4. Wash your makeup brushes!

Chiiii!!! I learned the hard way just how important it is to wash your makeup brushes! Applying makeup to freshly prepped skin, with dirty brushes is not it.  I’ve never had success doing a flawless beat with dirty brushes. Not to mention when you continue to use those dirty brushes, not only will the makeup spread unevenly, but it will also lead to break outs. For me, I want to get to a place where I’m washing my brushes at night when I wash my face. I have significantly downsized my makeup arsenal. So I have to be intentional about keeping my brushes clean, since I only have one of each now, when I used to have 4 sets (lol, like I said I love makeup… but having that many brushes was overwhelming).  When I wash my brushes I use small dot of Palmolive Antibacterial soap (I get the big bottle from Target). I then swish, swirl, rinse to clean off the makeup.  Then I set them bristles-side-down, to dry. on top of a towel. Super easy, and my brushes are still going strong. Whatever you use (blender, puffs, or brushes), please be sure to wash them thoroughly and often.

5. Build & Practice!

Dear Stay at home moms, and moms in general… it is OKAY to love makeup! It is okay to want to look and feel your best in your home, raising your kids… and if that includes a full beat… so be it!!!  And if you are just getting into makeup, give yourself permission to “Build & Practice”. Creating and mastering  YOUR  “every day” makeup look, will take practice. I’ve met too many moms who say “I’m not into all that makeup stuff”, when in reality they haven’t given themselves the space to explore and practice.  Most of the women you see, who look good, and who have a beat that you admire, have given themselves the time and space to find what works best for them. It didn’t happen overnight, or with one trip down the makeup aisle. They had to build and practice. So, start with something and build. For me, when I started really getting into makeup back in 2009, I started with eyebrows and finding a foundation that matched my skin. There was a lot of trial and error, Lawd, but I kept practicing.

From there, I discovered blush, highlight, and contour. Again, trial and error, but I persevered. Then my good friend convinced me to add some lip color in 2012, and now nearly 14 years later… I finally have my “everyday makeup slay” down to a science (which is perfect for my life as a SAHM).  Now I’m not saying it’s going to take 14 years for you to master your makeup, I’m just making the point that it does take some time, and you will have to build and practice.  Start with the basics, build from there…. and keep practicing.  You may just find that you actual ARE into “all that makeup stuff”.

I had a blast sharing this week’s series with you. What was you fave this week? Would love to know. Missed it? Click below to catch up! And as always SHARE with a momma who needs this!







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