WARNING;MOTSD (a must read!!)

Avoid all hindrances to your success and to your fully embracing *YOU*!

This morning I woke up with a lot on my mind,  Men, work, my career and my future! I began to think of how my life has drastically changed because of the different events that have occurred in each of the aforementioned areas! Comparisons of where I am “now” to “then” bombarded my thought gates… and I had no other choice than to grant them access! Solely, because I needed to find a sense of  purpose and understand how my past has helped to cultivate and groom me into the blossom of beauty and elegance I am today!

Although this is not the time, nor the place for me to go into great detail about my life’s events, there is one thing that I found to be a constant factor in this glorious process of living and learning; in order to reach my fullest potential and come into a full understanding of who I am (and truly embrace it) I must rid my life of the those things and people who have mastered the “Slow Down”!

A master of the “Slow Down” is anything or anyone who is hindering you from going forward! For some  it may be the person with whom they are in a relationship; for others it may be  their co-workers; and for others it may be their own thoughts of negativity!

For me, it was a combination of things! As I discovered that I wasn’t being my true self, I began to answer the “why” question and make the necessary changes! This was no easy task! Lots of tears, and many frustrations accompanied me along the way, but in the end…in the end as I pressed forward, I realized it was all well worth it! And I’m so loving the woman I am today (and I love my short hair and style)!

Take a look at your life! I mean a serious, in depth look at where you are and who you are! Are you happy and satisfied? Or do you feel like there is so much more for you to do and be in this life? Do you feel as though you can’t share your dreams and visions with your friends and those who are in your inner circle? Do they mock you instead of encourage you? Do you feel as though your growth is stunted because of that man or woman you are trying to please?

As you begin to “peel back the layers” of your life (coined by Vanessa Dicks), and really identify where you want to be and what is holding you back… Don’t shy away from the tears that may begin to flow, or the relationships that may need to go! Because in the end YOU, being your true self is the best reward anyone can ever ask for 🙂

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