Living|Loving|Learning (3 Lessons from the Newlywed)

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Marriage is a beautiful blessing, but let’s not be naive.  A healthy marriage doesn’t just magically grow, it  requires real commitment and effort to blossom. Think of the grass on your lawn. You have to take special care of it for best results. So, you keep it trimmed and manicured,  and you handle those unwanted yet inevitable weeds with a sense of urgency. A healthy marriage requires this same type of love and care. I’m still new in the game, but I absolutely love being married! My hubby and I are building a beautiful life together, and I’m so grateful for every lesson learned.  We’ve been so blessed to see and understand some things early on, and I’m here to share the top 3 lessons we’ve learned as newlyweds! Enjoy!

1. Support one another

 It’s become somewhat of a ritual for us to talk and dream together. We talk about our future, our goals, and our aspirations. Then we take it a step further and discuss how to support each other. I’m an aspiring business owner, and as I share the goings-on in my life, my husband is right there to keep me focused, encouraged, and grounded! And I do the same for him!  This is what a partnership looks like. In marriage you have to understand there is no “I”, only “us”! Remember, you two are a team, and in many cases you will only be as good as your partner. So support, uplift, and encourage one another. It’s a win/win!

2. Share responsibilities

 In our home, we learned the importance of sharing responsibilities. We are still working on coming up with a “routine”, but we both do our fair share of stepping up and stepping in when needed.  Trust me it makes life so much easier! If my hubby gets home before I do, he will often take care of dinner. And if I’m cooking and not worried about him being in my way (lol), then he will step in and take care of the dishes. Oh and did I mention I haven’t touch a toilet brush in over a year? Yes ladies, my hubby exclusively takes care of the entire bathroom and I love it. And guess what, I’m more than happy to share that I take care of the laundry (wash/dry/fold). It’s all about balance, but it takes both parties to make it happen. Team work, makes the dream work. Find what works in your household. Be flexible and willing to pick up the slack in the name of love!

 3. Don’t hide your habits/flaws

I learned my lesson here. For the past two years I’ve been waxing my upper-lip. And for my entire married life, I’ve been able to do this without my hubby knowing.  Well, over the past few days I haven’t had a moment to myself to take care of my business.  So the other night, I waited for him to fall asleep, before I snuck into the bathroom.  Everything was going just fine. I was on my last strip, mid-pull,  when I thought I heard my husband walking to the bathroom. In a complete panic, I  quickly ripped off the wax strip and waited for him to bust through the door. I stood there for a good 30 seconds expecting the worst, but he wasn’t there. I finally peeped through the door, and to my surprise this man was still in bed, sound asleep. So there I stood, wax strip in hand…and nearly 1/13th of underlip skin missing.  OUCH!  All because I panicked and ripped it off trying to HIDE what I was doing from my hubby! And to make this all the more real, when I finally told him the truth about the scar under my nose, he was so unbothered.  He even had the nerve to say “You can tell me these things, I love you.”  What in the world? Where did he come from? The lesson here, don’t hide your habits, or the things that make you you! I’m not saying expose it all, bur remember, you two are one. No secrets, no hiding, be real and be you. It’s so freeing, and could save your skin!

Plant the seed!

Water with intimacy and support <3

Be encouraged!


13 thoughts on “Living|Loving|Learning (3 Lessons from the Newlywed)

  1. Haha, girl you better wax that lip! The hubs has seen me pluck my “beard” on more than one occasion with no shame. P.S. I’m totally impressed with #2. As a daughter of a woman who did evvvverything, I struggled much more than I thought I would with guilt about my husband pitching in/taking over the daily chores. I’m over it now, but I had to have a heart to heart with myself about my own expectations of what it means to be a wife. Kudos to you on your wisdom and maturity!

    1. Lol! I love it! Team “no shame”! I might just have him do it for me once or twice! Lol

      Expectations are a you-know-what, but I’m so thankful for the liberating power of self talk! So glad you’re allowing your hubby to step in and help out! 🤗🤗

  2. Reese, I love this post! It’s amazing to be free! Blessings to your marriage❤️. My husband & I prepping for our 10th year 💕.

    1. Hey Latoya, thanks for reading! It’s truly is the best feeling! I love it. Happy early 10th anniversary to you and your hubby 🎉 10 down, a lifetime to go 🤗💜

  3. I love number 2! As a newlywed seven months in I can totally relate. I am sometimes bashful to pluck my chin hairs around him but he really doesn’t care.I blog about what i’m learning and experiencing as a newlywed also.

    1. Isn’t that crazy how we can be so bashful when they could care less lol Thanks so much for reading 🤗 can’t wait to check out your blog!

  4. You are so Me! I swear You had to be my little sister in another life. We have so much in common! I Love your post and I Adore and Admire You!!!!!❤️

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