It’s Hair & Beauty Week on the blog | #SlayLikeaMomma

It’s Hair & Beauty Week on the blog, and this week I’ll be sharing some of my favorite hair and beauty products, lightning hair tutorials, and most importantly making sure you know how to slay for yourself.

If you know anything about me, you already know looking and feeling amazing is a form of self care for me.  Like I mentioned in my Stay at Home Mom Guide, waking up early to get ready for my day, before my family wakes up, is top tier! And now that I am embracing this high calling from the Lord of staying home with my children, I’ve given myself permission to show up, and put forth my best. We are to do all things as unto the Lord, right?

I always say, just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to look like a mess.  That is NOT God’s portion for us! Over here we give ourselves permission to put the effort into showing up as our best selves, as unto the Lord. (Hello #SnatchedforHISGlory). From skincare to how we wear our hair, we’re changing that narrative over here. And we’re going to normalize moms (especially stay at home moms) showing up and slaying… especially in our own homes!

To kick things off check out these bomb posts below… and be sure to join us for a week of beauty.   Subscribe to have all week’s content delivered right to your inbox! I’ll be back all week long with new content just in time for the fall! And as always… be sure to share with a momma who needs this!!  Yaaassss!!!



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