Rewind | Radical Self Care + The Real Proverbs 31 Woman | Video

Today I’m re-sharing a post from 2 years ago, because I recently found myself clingy to the truth of the verse mentioned below, like for real for real!

“Life has been lifin'” as a mom of two and I know that I must live out Proverbs 31:17 in order to thrive in this thing called mom life! If you’ve seen this post before take this as a timely reminder! Enjoy and as always share with a momma who needs this!

Originally posted November 24, 2021 – Author: Theresa Dennis

The more I do this work, the more I realize just how vital it is to take care of ourselves. I’m also well aware of the importance of the work I’m called to do for such a time as this! According to a 2021 State of Motherhood survey conducted by Motherly, over  93% of millennial mothers reported feeling burned out, occasionally. That’s major, and not just cause for concern… we need to take radical action in order to experience  radical change in our lives as moms! I’m talking intentionally and radically caring for ourselves, so that we can show up confidently in the areas that matter most… in our careers, with our families, in our homes… without the guilt and overwhelm.

This is serious business!!!

It’s no secret that my faith in Christ is the foundation of my life… and especially so since becoming a mom (I know I’m not alone).  Filling my cup spiritually has been a huge part of my self care regimen. Today, I want you to lean in, as I share a truth I recently discovered in Proverbs 31.  As we often look to the Proverbs 31 Woman as the “Standard” of the “Woman/Mom/Wife of Purpose”, I want you to join me for a closer look at her life… beyond all that she does for everyone else… and focus in on how she radically cares for herself in order to thrive in her God give tasks. Let’s Go!



May we never overlook the importance of caring for ourselves ever again. May this be more than just a conversation, but rather a specific and practical way of living in order to show up confidently in the areas that matter most to us as moms!









It’s been on my heart, so I have to ask…

Are you overwhelmed?

Are you long overdue and in desperate need of some “me time“? Are you struggling to “find the time” for yourself with all the “demands” on your plate as a mom a wife, and in your career/business?  Do feel like you don’t have the help or support you need to care for yourself? You know you need some serious self care, and you’re ready to take radical action to prioritize yourself, and finally “fill your cup”?

If you’re sitting there, nodding your head, with the sound of your littles in the background, I have exactly what you need!


The Ultimate Self Care Guide for Busy and working moms!

5 simple steps to finally “find the time”, and unapologetically create & enjoy a guilt-free lifestyle of Radical Self Care… starting today!

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Love what you’re reading? Then momma, I want to hear from you!  Whether a working momma, mompreneur… How are you prioritizing yourself?  What do you do to help you show up confidently as a mom!? Share with me on social media…@theresa__Dennis    and be sure to share with a momma who needs this reminder!

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