We Don’t talk about this enough as Black Moms | My pregnancy & birth | Hospital vs Birth Center

It’s Mom Life March on the Blog! Today I’m sharing a little about my birth story, why I decided to leave my OB office for a Birth Center, and the one thing WE (especially as black moms) can all learn from this experience!


As moms, especially BLACK moms, we often hear/talk about the statistic surrounding Black Maternal Wellness, but how often do we talk about prevention? How often are we encouraged to use our voice to advocate for ourselves and our families!!!???

Today let’s do our part to shift the narrative… not just in the instances surrounding pregnancy, birth and postpartum… but in our overall journey as moms!

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Disclaimer: This video is not intended to bash anyone who has decided to go with a hospital birth. The is purely me sharing my experience in the hopes that other moms will consider this as an alternative, especially when the care they’ve received elsewhere is subpar.  I want other black moms to know the they matter, and that they do not have to settle for care that doesn’t serve them or their families!

Birth Center mentioned Tree of Life Midwifery & Birth Center (Fredericksburg VA)

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