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It is okay to be the Stay at Home Mom who wakes up and gets herself ready for the day, everyday!  In fact I believe it is imperative. Whether you have plans to head out, or you’ll be in the house, make the commitment to show up as your best self.   It doesn’t matter how other moms show up and present themselves… you be “that mom“… get up and get dressed for your calling as the CEO of your Home.


This is what I wore… to the library! Yes, your girl was in a faux leather mini and my favorite shacket for Circle Time, because I can. And this wig has been life y’all!  I’ve shared this several times over the past few blog posts that I am in a space of showing up fully everyday, for myself and my family… and that includes my personal appearance.  Being home  with my littles, doesn’t mean life has to be dull and miserable. No! I’m on a mission to live out loud and in full color… as I care for my family and my home.

We, as women of God, are called to do all as unto the Lord. And I firmly believe that includes how we show up everyday for our High Calling as moms! So let me share a few ways to ensure you look and feel your best EVERYDAY!

How to Look good everyday

1 Shower daily.

I know people are starting to re-circulate the narrative that says “showers are not self care”, but I beg to differ. I wrote an entire post about this, you can read it here! I”m not here to convince you, but I will say there is something so therapeutic, healing even, about taking a shower after a long day of caring for your family and home. It’s almost like the water is alive and actively washing away the worries and stresses from the day. Add in prayer, and you can experience an entire revival! Oh Hallelujah!! Taking showers is hygienic, and also so so good for this momma’s soul. So take your showers. Prioritize them.  It will definitely make a difference, in how you feel everyday!


2 Wake up before your house to get dressed and ready for your day.

This will look different for each of us, as most of us are in a different season of our journey. Be prayerful, and find what works best for you and your family. I know that right now I’m in my 4am season, but when I first had my son that wasn’t the case. You need to give yourself grace and use wisdom.  This is not about being superwoman. That will only lead to being overwhelmed. This is about creating your morning flow, so that you have time to wake up and get yourself ready for the day!  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel better after they’ve taken care of themselves, and made the time to get dressed and ready for the day. Do you? Furthermore, as a stay at home mom, you’ll be so much better to/for your family when you take the time to pour into yourself first.

3 Prepare the night before.

Nothing sucks up my time like looking for what I need the MORNING OF. UGH!!! I don’t know about you, but it is a complete waste of time, and it’s frustrating. I’m learning to find and lay out my clothes, and all that I’ll need for the next day, the night before. I’m still working on being consistent with this because my mornings run so much more smoothly when I’m prepared ahead of time. (My real goal is to be prepared for the week ahead, but I’m taking it one day at a time in this season).

This is a huge part of how to thrive in our motherhood… being prepared! Take inventory of your mornings… and figure out what all you’ll need to prepare. It will take time, but the effort is so worth it. You will truly feel so good, and proud even, when you wake up and you’re already prepared for your day!

4 Edit your closet to only include things that you LOVE, and that fit your body, now.

I hosted an entire style series for moms on how to do just that… you can find it here #DumptheFrump Style Series. But for now I will say, nobody feels good when they go to their closet and it is full of items that don’t fit, or full of items that are just “okay”.   Like who wants that? Make the effort to “purge with purpose“, and build a wardrobe of things that you love and that fit now. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and purchase a bunch of things. Not at all. I am the queen of the “ensemble encore”. I’m not afraid to wear the exact same look over and over… because that’s my business. I’m also a huge fan of “coordinating pieces” so that I can mix and match my items to create new looks! I just want you to imagine how bomb it will be to have an edited wardrobe full of bomb items that fit and make you look and feel amazing!

5 Create a skin care and beauty routine.

This may sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Washing your face daily, and moisturizing your skin regularly can make a world of difference when it comes to how you feel (and look) everyday. I have a friend who actually prays and speaks affirmations over herself while she applies her body cream, I love that! I talk more about skin care and beauty here! Whether you wear makeup or not, that’s not the point. The point is, take care of your skin and create a routine that works for you! Get your glow on and slay momma!


Now that I’ve shared this with you,  I encourage you to apply it! Give yourself grace as you try this thing out! Whether this is new info for you, or just a reminder… take it to heart.  Seek God! Ask for wisdom on how to apply this to your life and home, and then be obedient as the Spirit leads you. This is about more than just a nice outfit, this is about showing up as unto the Lord.   The world may not understand. And some may say “it doesn’t take all of that”. Remember, this is not about others or their opinions. This is about you honoring God’s calling on your life as a SAHM/Homemaker/CEO of your home… so show up, accordingly… everyday!







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