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You ever had one of those… “If it’s not one things it’s another” type of days? Yea?  Same! As I think back over 2021, I honestly feel like this has been my year of learning how to manage transitions. I felt like some thing was always changing, and I found myself in the midst of what felt like constant CHANGE! Whew!

Interestingly enough, and I know it’s not by chance… as I shared in my “Jesus Therapy and Self Care” audio post, this year has been one of the most challenging seasons of my life… yet at the same time one of the greatest! I can’t explain it, but God has truly been working on my heart, revealing and removing what doesn’t align with who He’s called me to be, opening my eyes and heart to ask for and receive the support that has changed my life…and the peace!  Whew!  The peace and joy in which I’ve taken refuge in midst of it all… nobody but God!

Well the other day, after having one of “those days”, I found myself in desperate need of some me time. You all already know, I don’t play about my self care and when I need it I always do my best to make it happen! I woke up early, asked my husband to take care of our daughter’s morning routine, bundled up as best I knew how…. and I flew down the road to my favorite trail. It was below freezing (30 degrees to be exact),  but I knew I NEEDED to get out and to this trail specifically.  I didn’t stay out too long, I walked for about a mile, and God met me! What a time we had, and as I prayed and reflected, He dropped this in my spirit and I just knew I had to turn on my camera and share it with you.

If you feel like you’re in the midst of change, or find things in constant transition… this if for you!



It’s been on my heart, so I have to ask…

Are you overwhelmed?

Are you long overdue and in desperate need of some “me time“? Are you struggling to “find the time” for yourself with all the “demands” on your plate as a mom a wife, and in your career/business?  Do feel like you don’t have the help or support you need to care for yourself? You know you need some serious self care, and you’re ready to take radical action to prioritize yourself, and finally “fill your cup”?

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