3 things I’m Learning to STOP Saying to Myself | Audio

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Let God Handle It!

Okay, so listen... I don't often share such fresh lessons. I usually like to let things marinate for a bit. But I just couldn't move on until I posted this (couldn't even sleep). Many times when we pray for God to change our loved ones (especially our husbands), and pray with a sincere and open … Continue reading Let God Handle It!

Video | Mom Life and Managing Transitions | A Word from my Walk

You ever had one of those... "If it's not one things it's another" type of days? Yea?  Same! As I think back over 2021, I honestly feel like this has been my year of learning how to manage transitions. I felt like some thing was always changing, and I found myself in the midst of … Continue reading Video | Mom Life and Managing Transitions | A Word from my Walk

5 Mommy Myths to Ditch Today

1 "Self Care is Selfish" I'm not sure how this became a thing for moms, but it is the furthest thing from the truth.  Self Care is not only vital for our wellbeing as moms... it's biblical! From the author of Proverbs 31:17 detailing the ways a woman equips herself with spiritual, mental and physical … Continue reading 5 Mommy Myths to Ditch Today